Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm alright

Well, it's Tuesday and I've been feeling pretty much ok. I did get quite tired on Sunday which is why we left church so quickly. Have you ever gotten anxious because things are going better than anticipated?? I do know the chemo is still working since my eyebrows are now gone, which I assume means my eye lashes will be next. Silly as it sounds that will bother me because I have really great eyelashes. But I'll see them again soon.
So this treatment I brought a craft, it is actually for all of you guys who have been helping me. My hope was to engage my 'neighbor' in the activity but she was so nauseous she couldn't even move. I felt so badly for her. But before my chemo a different woman sat next to me, Joyce. And you know how you know people are Christians.... we started a conversation, she saw my Jesus Juice sign for my chemo. I found out she is a 1.5 year ovarian cancer survivor, but her numbers are creeping back up so they put her on Avastin, the study drug we hope I am on. She prayed over her blood and then she joined hands with me and Tim and prayed for us- quite obviously a prayer warrior. It was a great 10 minutes. But could you add her to your list, please. Ovarian cancer is known, unfortunately, for it's reccurance which scares the crap out of me. But knowing that Avastin is at least a next step helps me to remain calm. I learned on Friday that the voice change that's been happening is a specific side effect of Avastin, so let's keep praying about that,
So only 2 more chemo's and then quite a few 'Avastin' treatments, but at least they are only a half hour now. I'm sure my anxiety will decrease as the week moves on, but I'm tired of being scared. I'm tired of hot flashes that wake me 6-7 times a night, I'm tired of the stares at stores and simply tired of being tired I guess. But I'm always a little more down the first few days after treatment. I am so thankful for my parents who can come and stay with me, for people who feed us during this week, for Miralax (gotta throw in one funny) and for the prayers, emails and visits- I do like reconnecting. It's weird not knowing what is going on with everyone else- Add that to my list of whining.
But praise God I am feeling good even if I shouldn't be. Praise God that I seem to be getting Avastin, Praise God for the people I have met along the way. And please be sure to pass on 'My Story' to your friends, as Ovarian cancer is so silent and quite the menace. It's on the resource page.
Sorry about whining, sometimes it's just what I need to do before coming back into the real world. I'm ok but I also want to be truthful and real about the whole journey. I don't want to look thru my scrapbook about it one day and call myself a liar. I just really miss being with people! I can't seem to concentrate on much of my bible study, but I guess slow is better than nothing. I decided that Philippians is where I'll start. I can handle 4 chapters!! I've even read thru it a couple times. Better head there again today.
Love to you all.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good News

Today was full of good news. It just wasn't worth the lack of sleep I got last night. So, here it is: I am good for chemo tomorrow, my CA125 was down to 20 (26 last time), my CT scan was good, just saw my kidney stones that I already know about, and IT IS NOT GENETIC. And now I start crying because I am so relieved. I won't have to make any hard decisions about radical mastectomy's or worrying about any of my children getting the gene mutation. And probably my sisters don't have to worry, either, but we're checking into that a bit more. So I am going to pick up Jayson at school, he wants to walk home (I hope I can make it to and from) and I am going to turn up my iPod praise music so loud people in their cars will hear it. Thank you for the continued prayer and support!! I'll update again next week when I start to recuperate. Chemo tomorrow at 10:00 for another 6 hours, but you know I'm renaming it Jesus Juice (thanks Holly) and writing it on the bags of medicine.
(And for reply's could you do it on the site, please. I am going to keep a copy of my well wishes and don't want to miss any when this is all over!!)
Love you much,

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just a Note

It's been a pretty good week so far. I've noticed that I am way more tired than usual. This last chemo brought less nausea but much more fatigue. But, my counts aren't horrible, although I was told to be careful about being around others, hence no church. I did cheat a bit yesterday though to go to a 5 year old birthday party- who can resist that?? So fun was had gosh darn it!
I had a friend who is a breast cancer survivor give me a bunch of her hats and they are pretty darn cute. More for the cold weather.
But it's always exciting to get new hats.
I got caught up on Abbi's scrapbook- no small feat I might add. So this week I'll be choosing pictures for both of the boys and start cutting them so I'll be ready to scrap once I recover from the next chemo. Now, my white cell count was ok but the other one they watch called neutraphil count was getting low, so I'm going to try eating some foods that may help. I'll know on Thursday if I can have my chemo on Friday or if it will have to be postponed. We'll see. I'll know on Thursday when I see the NP, find out my new CA125 number, and I think find out about the genetic testing. Kind of a big Thursday.
My CT on Friday went well. I didn't have the usual, extremely unpleasant side effect I usually have- I'll keep the gory details to myself, but some of you know what it is. So I guess I won't be quite as apprehensive next time. Results from that also on Thursday. Man, what a day.
Kids are still good and enjoying school and Tim and I seem to be keeping up with what's due when. They are really keeping on top of things quite well.
Ok then, this tired girl is going to bed. Good night to you all, and thank you again for all your prayers and support. I didn't get to hear this yesterday, but Darcy said that I was fighting cancer and winning. It feels good to hear it, a bit hard to believe at times because you just can never know. So I'm glad you're all around to remind me- healing is just a few treatments away.
Love to you all.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


We learned so much in church today- just love one another as God loves us. Seems so simple but our very lives make it so difficult. We regret not making time to see people we really want to see. We forget to take care of our bodies. We rush from one event to another hoping the traffic lights will be on our side, and when they are we actually thank God for that. (Been there done that) Life has a way of making us slow down, though. Today I learned that spending time in His word will help me to hear God speak to me. That is what I 'crave'. I have heard him before- twice. The first was in choosing to go back to school to get my teaching degree, the second was to marry Tim. Both very important decisions that I was glad I didn't have to make by myself. I am somewhat bummed that Beth Moore can't be the one to help me hear Him though. At least she makes us look for our answers and apply them to our own lives!! I did just start using my Discovery Bible since I knew I'd be missing out on my beloved ladies bible study. (I miss you guys) And although the questions aren't too strenuous they do make you think- and think about the part of the bible you just read. I really like it. I want Jesus flowing thru my veins. What an image. Thru my veins, to my cancer and I'd like him to just hang out there a while until he heals me. I want him to be in my head to calm my anxiety over the possibility that my ovarian cancer is genetic. If it is there are a whole bunch of serious decisions to be made. (No, I don't actually want to talk about it until I know there is something to talk about) So I guess that is what I'll study tonight, 'Be anxious for nothing but in bring everything to prayer and supplication' so that Jesus will be right there, in my head.
Mike could have filled a whole day talking about examples of love, though, so I add my own. In my moment of solitude I have a church who is feeding us, praying for us and loving on us in whatever way they can. The cards, the emails, the posts on this site, the Acia berry smoothies from Caribou (hint)... Each one a reminder that there are people helping me even though I have to spend these moments resting and fighting alone. Not lonely, just alone. And that these people represent what Jesus is: LOVE
You all bring tears to my eyes,
I love you,

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Half way there

Well, we are half way done now. That feels good. Down hill is always easier. I met a woman who was sitting with a relative of hers and she is a Christian. No deep discussion but we talked about our kids downloading music and listening to the words and all that older kid stuff. Our daughters have a lot in common- messy rooms and such. Kinda fun. The disappointing news I did get was that my next chemo could be postponed one more time-it's because of the study I am in and they have to follow that protocol instead of their usual protocol. As I understand it, if my counts are down right before the next treatment they will give me the shot that will help bring them up and then I'll have to wait another week. Now that might change, but that is how I understood it (emphasis on my trying to understand medical stuff) So meal providers be ready for yet another change. Sorry about that. I suppose that is also a specific prayer request as well. I have my Boost and Holly lent me a cookbook so I think I'll make some more of the 'low counts' recipes. The broccoli and cheese soup was good. Thankfully I can handle that smell after about a week of my chemo's.
School is going great for the kids so far. Jayson just loves Kindergarten and Abbi and Austin are enjoying Middle School. He has his first test on Monday. He and Tim are going to see Al Kaline (baseball great) at one of the dealerships in town. Should be a little fun for them I think.
Over and out for now, and for the net couple days. Not sure if I'll see you tomorrow at church or not, but my parents are going to bring the kids.
Love to you all. Thanks for your support and love.
Vicki and family