Friday, December 18, 2009

De-Port-tation Day

What a glorious day it was yesterday, getting my port removed. So much of it was a bit surreal but so worth it. Part of me says how awesome to finally complete this circle of Cancer and all that it brings. But another side is nervous that I am being too confident. But in reality I did have the port for a year after the chemo treatments, so I think it was time for it to go. It is pretty for a contraption designed to administer poison to the body- albeit a necessary step in my cancer journey. It's purple, because it always matters what is under your skin, and a purple titanium port is really just wonderful. Why I felt I needed to keep it is unknown, but I felt I did.
I have to say my favorite part is that my vein in my neck does not stick out any longer. And, I don't have a bump on my upper chest. Always a bonus.
So I am calling this a leap of faith that I am healed. Healed by the poison, healed by God.
Polly gets to take a break.
Yeah, whatever.