Monday, July 28, 2008


I did not know that I could feel normal during this treatment schedule. It was a wonderful blessing let me tell you. It's somewhat empowering to know that there is some normalcy beyond the day of chemo and reminds me that I can do this, that 4-5 days of yuck is tolerable when the end result is being healed. I had someone tell me that at church yesterday, that God said I'd be healed. Oh how I wish God spoke to me like that, although I would have to admit I haven't spent quite as much one on one time with Him. But I'm getting better about that, too. For now, one day, one treatment, one yuck fest at a time. Yes, I'm eating, yes I'm resting, yes I'm drinking fluids and yes I'm laughing, too.
Tomorrow is Jayson's birthday. That boy has been counting down since May, so we are ready for this birthday. His party is Thursday and we are going bowling. Fun stuff. Greasy pizza, sugary pop, cake, ice cream. Bring it on!!
Keep praying, keep believing, for me and for you!!
Thank you all!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

One down

I have to say that today went a lot better than I expected- just the emotional stuff. No reactions during the chemo, nice nurses, nice company, great meds if I need them. teehee:)
I am not sure how I will fare the next couple days, but maybe I'll be one of the lucky girls that don't have much more than fatigue, although based on my record.... I really want to be able to come to the picnic tomorrow night at church, so that would be a specific prayer request. Thank you for all the prayers. I know that is what got me thru today- I really do. I think it was a blessing to be called to come in early so there was no time for stressing out, and now my time will always be earlier, so that is good too since it is 5 hours long.
I'll update the calendar with blood draw dates and all that although I don't anticipate needing rides to them. I'll try to keep you all up to date with enough info without crossing that TMI line....
Thanks for all I know you do and for what I am unaware of. I appreciate it so much. The food is so yummy and relieves so much stress I can't even tell you!
Hope to be seen tomorrow.