Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lost and Found

Teenage girl,
quiet, shy, naive,
lacking in self worth,
desperate for approval.
Finds 'love'
Fake as it was
Gave it her all
Until its removal.
Gave my heart,
Gave it all,
Left with nothing
Build from then on.
A college girl,
misunderstanding love,
Looks and finds some
Destroys her temple.
Smart as she is
Nice as she is
Love is elusive
Until it is revealed.
A young woman
living and working
figuring it all out
one small step at a time.
Has a soul sister
Goes to church
And finds the love
That is finally not a crime.
Breaking free from that past
So difficult to do
But it led me straight back
Into the arms of you.
You walked with me for years
listening and watching each move
Moving my heart
Toward an understanding of you.
A young married woman
Still deeply wounded by the past
Finally is able to forgive
All that was bad.
A new heart forming
every day I am alive
building on my life and others
See you so much of the time
Why did he do this
why come for me?
HIs desire to show mercy
to the least of these.
Ransomed for me
Ransomed for you
God paid our ransom
So that we could be free
God is searching for me
and for you- yes it's true
We want to be found
by someone who can
open their arms to us and say
welcome home.
Our job is simple
Go make disciples
Go share your story
Go give your money
Go show his love
Go and be baptized
Go and love as you've
never loved before.
We are the Kingdom
We are His Body
We are his Bride
We are his.
To God be the glory
In sickness and in health.
May he wrestle with me each day
to keep me on track.
We are the Kingdom in this dark world
We have the salt people need to see
to enhance the quality of their lives.
He is our light, revealing who we are
We are meant to be seen
Noticed by all
As different and set apart
To do things that are different and set apart
To be His Kingdom in this dark world.
The more faithful we are
The more knowledge he will give
The more we pray
The more we are being faithful
The more we sacrifice
The more we are being faithful.
Believe in his promises
Live like you know he's in you
Listen like you know he is in you
Act like you know he is in you.
For we are the kingdom
that others will see
The Jesus that means
the whole world to me.
Earning my crown,
one jewel at a time
Each new adventure
A reason to grow.
The longer we are with him
The more we can know.
The more we can know.
The more we can understand
The more we can share.
Thank you Jesus
For dying for me
For my sins were so great
they were consuming me.
But now I have you
lifting me high
with your mighty right hand
and my name engraved there for all to see.